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[v9_11] Omit spurious string from unit test debugging efforts

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/enhance_unit_test_debugging-v9_11 into v9_11

When both 'broken' and 'failed' test cases appear in unit test output

... ===> Broken tests lib/isc/tests/socket_test:main -> broken: Test case timed out [300.022s] ===> Failed tests lib/isc/tests/time_test:main -> failed: 2 of 6 tests failed [0.006s] ===> Summary ...

spurious '===>' string gets matched, that results in the following error:

Usage error for command debug: '===>' is not a test case identifier (missing ':'?).

Following change makes sure the string is omitted.

I checked on FreeBSD and OpenBSD that the AWK construct is supported.

(cherry picked from commit 9e6f6156)

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