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[v9_11] Fix "pkcs11" system test

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/pkcs11-test-fix-v9_11 into v9_11
  • Define the SLOT environment variable before starting the test. This variable defaults to 0 and that does not work with SoftHSM 2.

    • The system test expects the PIN environment variable to be set to "1234" while bin/tests/ sets it to "0000". Update bin/tests/ so that it sets the PIN to "1234".

    • Move contents of bin/tests/system/pkcs11/ to bin/tests/system/pkcs11/ as the former was creating a file called "supported" that was getting removed by the latter before bin/tests/system/pkcs11/ could access it.

    • Fix typo in "have_ecx".

(cherry picked from commit 100a230e)

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