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WIP: Rationalize backtrace logging, fail on core file presence

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/try-harder-to-alayze-cores into main
  • If the test produced core file or assertion failure was detected the test should actually fail, otherwise the test may pass and developer may not notice it. This change

  • GDB backtrace generated via thread apply all bt full is too long for standard output, lets save them to .gdb file among other log files. Output of bt is present in the log instead.

  • Failed test should be checked for core files et al. and have backtrace generated.

  • Test used to be failed immediately, when it's servers won't terminate as expected. This changes makes sure core file et al. checks are performed before the test is marked as failed.

  • Do not fail due to TSAN sanitizer summaries. Under TSAN all test produce sanitizer summaries, but we should not fail them for this.

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