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Resolve #2983: Increase startup timeout for servers in system tests

Artem Boldariev requested to merge 2983-fix-doth-system-test into main

This change is made in particular to address the issue with doth system tests where servers are unable to iniitalise in time in CI system under high load (that happened particularly often for Debian Buster cross32 configuration). The delay is caused by TLS context's creation on startup.

Even on my system the servers' initialisation in the test could take up to 20 seconds, let alone in the CI, which is under high load and might not have enough entropy data available.

Such a problem were found earlier after extending the doth system test with IPv6 tests, which doubled the amount of contexts to create. Back then extending the startup timeout from 15 to 25 seconds solved the problem. Now, as the test has been extended again, the problem stroke back.

The right solution, is, of course, to (re)use TLS context sparingly, while right now we create too many of them.

Closes #2983 (closed)

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