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Increase the timeout to 15 seconds for the resolver test

  1. 10 seconds is an unfortunate pick because that reintroduces the problem described in commit 5307bf64 (for an earlier check).

    Change +tries=2 +time=15, so that we minimize the risk of dig missing any responses sent by the server in the first 15 seconds while also increasing our chances of the response arriving in time on machines under heavy load and allowing it a single retry in case things go awry.

  2. The comment about TCP above was misleading: as painfully proven by GitLab CI, using TCP is no guarantee of receiving a response in a timely manner. It may help a bit, but it is certainly not a 100% reliable solution.

    Change the dig invocation to just use UDP like in the two prior tests for consistency (and revise that comment accordingly).

Closes #3069 (closed)

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