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Draft: Add stress tests with DoH and DoT

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/stress-test-with-doh-dot into main

Validation pipeline:


  • isc-private/devops!11
  • isc-private/bind-qa!40

Things to consider:

  • FreeBSD DoH jobs are not added because Flamethrower queries always timeout.
  • This adds 15 more CI jobs:
    • Linux (AWS autoscaler): (auth + recursive + RPZ) * (DoH + DoT) * (amd64 + arm64) = 12
    • FreeBSD (one FreeBSD runner): (auth + recursive + RPZ) * (DoT) * (amd64) = 3
  • Autoscaler is not yet present on FreeBSD. Adding 3 CI jobs (i.e., DoT) run serially adds 3 hours to the pipeline runtime. Should we add just one FreeBSD DoT job to limit the runtime?
  • DoH/DoT performance is slightly lower than pure TCP, so the threshold for the test to pass must be lowered by 5-10% (see isc-private/bind-qa!40).
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