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Capture scripts for Coverity Scan analysis

Michal Nowak requested to merge 3138-capture-scripts-to-coverity-scan into main

coverity validation jobs: main, v9_18, and v9_16 (v9_11 is affected but not planned to be backported as it's close to EoL).

[STATUS] Running filesystem capture search...
[STATUS] Emitting 2981 files from filesystem capture
Emitted 265 C/C++ compilation units (100%) successfully
Emitted 35 Python compilation units (100%) successfully
265 C/C++ compilation units (100%) are ready for analysis
35 Python compilation units (100%) are ready for analysis
The cov-build utility completed successfully.

This is blocked by this problem, the --fs-capture-search option breaks analysis: "Last Build Status: Failed - No further action needed.. Your build will be added back to the queue for analysis."

With Coverity Scan Support I managed to set "Secondary Language" to "PHP/Python/Ruby" for Coverity Scan projects, now Python scripts are being analyzed:

Closes #3138 (closed)

Edited by Michal Nowak

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