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Update BIND version to 9.19.1-dev

Michał Kępień requested to merge michal/update-bind-version-to-9.19.1-dev into main

This MR is a new concept that was suggested by @ondrej. I like it, even if it does not address our git describe woes1.

The idea is to update on all maintenance branches as soon as the code freeze is lifted. This gives people a better idea of what version of BIND 9 they are actually running if they are using "interim" code trees "between" numbered releases.

During release preparation, we will just drop the -dev suffix from the version string.

If a major problem is discovered after lifting the code freeze, we will fix it in the maintenance branch first, as we would usually do, and then cherry-pick fixes into the release branch. (And if we have to rebase, we can tweak the version string in the release branch to our liking anyway.)

  1. !6124 (merged) is an attempt at kind-of addressing those.

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