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Resolve "DNSSEC awk test is not precise enough"

Arаm Sаrgsyаn requested to merge 3494-dnssec-awk-test-not-precise-enough into main

The /IN *SOA/ regular expression can give a false positive match. For example, the following line matches, which is unexpected for the test:

example.				      60 IN DNSKEY	257 3 13 oCFm3P5uMtWuqXqbyUUlHHNgjCztzASAFhXUlnnudcYkYmNwOwYm6jah RewD1COujT/Lj2+JyKDV3sFRrINSOA==

It detects the "INSOA" sub-string in the base64-encoded data.

Change the regular expression to make it more precise.

Closes #3494 (closed)

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