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Rewrite isc_httpd using picohttpparser and isc_url_parse

Ondřej Surý requested to merge ondrej-refactor-isc_httpd into main

Rewrite the isc_httpd to be more robust.

  1. Replace the hand-crafted HTTP request parser with picohttpparser for parsing the whole HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 requests. Limit the number of allowed headers to 10 (arbitrary number).

  2. Replace the hand-crafted URL parser with isc_url_parse for parsing the URL from the HTTP request.

  3. Increase the receive buffer to match the isc_netmgr buffers, so we can at least receive two full isc_nm_read()s. This makes the truncation processing much simpler.

  4. Process the received buffer from single isc_nm_read() in a single loop and schedule the sends to be independent of each other.

  5. Replace the truncated test with two new tests: a) test that sending more than 10 headers makes the connection to closed; b) test that sending huge HTTP request makes the connection to be closed.

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