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TLS: use isc_buffer_t for send requests, reuse isc_buffer_t during send requests

Artem Boldariev requested to merge artem-tls-use-isc-buffer into main

This merge replaces ad-hoc code for send requests buffer management within TLS with the one based on isc_buffer_t.

To be precise, this merge request brings the idea of send requests object reuse further, by allowing the related dynamically allocated buffer to be reused as well.

Previous version of the code was trying to use pre-allocated small buffers to avoid extra allocations. The code would allocate a larger dynamic buffer when needed. There is no need to have ad-hoc code for this, as isc_buffer_t now provides this functionality internally.

Additionally to the above, the old version of the code lacked any logic to reuse the dynamically allocated buffers. Now, as we do not manage memory buffers, but isc_buffer_t objects, we can implement this strategy. It can be in particular helpful for longer lasting connections, as in this case the buffer will adjust itself to the size of the messages being transferred. That is, it is in particular useful for XoT, as Stream DNS happen to order send requests in such a way that the send request object will get reused.

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