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WIP: NSIS installer [RT #45282]

Evan Hunt requested to merge nsis-installer into master

Branch copied in from rt45282 in the old repo. Mukund's text in the ticket said:

I've pushed a first attempt at an NSIS installer to rt45282:

This is a first shot. It installs BIND, installs the VC redistributable and creates an uninstaller.

Known issues:

  • The installer assumes x64 release build for now. It needs pre-processing from -> bind.nsis via win32utils/Configure output. It may also similarly need a .bat script to call it with the appropriate build/platform specific define.

  • It also needs pre-processing to set the BIND version shown in the installer correctly.

  • It does not currently install a service for named. There are myriad ways to do this with NSIS. This will come next.

  • I have tried the tools after installation and they work. I've tried the uninstaller and it works.

Other bits:

  • It is written to support code signing, but it will need some cygwin setup and tweaking before it will work.

If you want to test this current installer, you can find it at:

~muks/bind-9.12.0-release-installer-x64.exe on

The rest of the issues will be addressed.

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