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TSAN summarising line was misplaced in

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/get_core_dumps-fix-misplaced-tsan-line into main

The line summarising TSAN reports was misplaced in the ASAN territory and thus never used. I also changed the variable name to be more TSAN-specific.

I:glue:exit status: 0
I:glue:stopping servers
I:glue:1 TSAN sanitizer report(s) found
D:/home/newman/isc/ws/bind9/bin/tests/system/glue:SUMMARY: ThreadSanitizer: data race (/home/newman/isc/ws/bind9/bin/named/.libs/named+0x42ecfd) (BuildId: 63d9d687e98418f4e6b1ca722138f598844bbd94) in check_lockfile
FAIL: glue

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