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Clean leftover files in autosign and masterformat

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/clean-leftover-files into main

The following files were reported in CI by the legacy system test runner and prevented job to pass. They should be removed.

$ if git rev-parse > /dev/null 2>&1; then ( ! grep "^I:.*:file.*not removed$" *.log ); fi
autosign.log:I:autosign:file autosign/ns3/kskonly.example.db.jbk not removed
autosign.log:I:autosign:file autosign/ns3/optout.example.db.jbk not removed
autosign.log:I:autosign:file autosign/ns3/reconf.example.db.jbk not removed
masterformat.log:I:masterformat:file masterformat/ns1/signed.db.raw.jbk not removed
masterformat.log:I:masterformat:file masterformat/ns1/signed.db.raw.signed not removed
masterformat.log:I:masterformat:file masterformat/ns1/signed.db.raw.signed.jnl not removed

Don't print an error when the ns*/inactive directory is not present:

rmdir: ns*/inactive: No such file or directory

Remove nsupdate.out.test file instead of nsupdate.out, as the latter does not exist.

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