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system tests stability tweaks and cleanup

Nicki Křížek requested to merge 3001-pytest-nitpicks into main

This MR is a collection of smaller unrelated fixes & improvements for system tests.

The MR also attempts to improve CI stability by allowing re-runs of selected system tests which are known for their high false positive rate. Following tests were allowed to be re-run in case of failure:

  • qmin, related #904
  • reclimit, related #1587
  • rrl, related #172

I also considered allowing re-runs for these tests, but decided against it for now:

  • statschannel - seems to be isolated to FreeBSD as of late, related #1621 (closed)
  • fetchlimit - not really sure what's going on there, but it might be a candidate upon further investigation, related #3535 (closed)
  • autosign - the cause seems to be randomness, but it hasn't been popping up that often #1565 (closed)
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