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Rework isccc_ccmsg to support multiple messages per tcp read

The current implementation of rndc assumes a tcp read to contain exactly one message. This can fail in a number of cases:

  • A message exceeds the tcp read size and is split into multiple messages
  • Multiple messages are part of a single read

Both cases result in the some of the messages getting dropped or the connection being closed because of a protocol error. This commit changes the rndc reader to have a working buffer where the full message is reassembled before invoking the callback. If there is already a valid message in the buffer when rndc attempts to read a message it is returned from the buffer without ever requesting a tcp read. This ensures low memory usage inside bind and allows for the OS to properly signal the sender to slow down if bind can't keep up.

closes #4416 (closed)

Edited by Dominik Thalhammer

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