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Draft: Rewrite cipher-suites system test to pytest

Michal Nowak requested to merge mnowak/pytest_rewrite_cipher-suites into main

The minimal dnspython version that has the "verify" argument for dns.query.tls() is 2.5.0. Locally, tested on Fedora 39 (non-FIPS) and OL9 (FIPS) with dnspython 2.5.0.

Without dnspython 2.5.0+, pylint and mypy jobs fail:

bin/tests/system/isctest/ error: Unexpected keyword argument "verify" for "tls"  [call-arg]
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/dns/ note: "tls" defined here
bin/tests/system/isctest/ E1123: Unexpected keyword argument 'verify' in function call (unexpected-keyword-arg)

CI images supporting this test: FreeBSD 13 & 14, Alpine Linux, Fedora 40, Ubuntu "noble", Debian "sid".

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