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    [3399] Changes after review · 6eb72206
    Tomek Mrugalski authored
     - ChangLog updated (b10-dhcp4 => DHCPv4 server)
     - stand-alone mode removed in Kea4,Kea6
     - getInstance() used instead of server_
     - ctrl_dhcp4_srv.cc: one stringstream instance now shared by all error messages
     - ctrl_dhcp4_srv.h: comments cleaned up
     - Added log message for received configuration
     - kea_controller.cc: Unnecessary header/using namespace removed
     - *.json files are now cleaned up in src/bin/dhcp4/tests
     - added comment that explains lack of tests for Bundy backend
     - kea_controller_unittest.cc now uses the same filename everywhere
    Changes also applied to Kea6 (where applicable).