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Congestion handling - add ability to enable/disable packet-queueing

Modify the libdhcp++ such that it supports DHCPvX packet reception either in same thread directly (as in Kea 1.4 and prior) or via the packet-queue. The default mode should be single-threaded (for now). The general idea is for IfaceMgr to select between two versions of receiveX based on whether there is a receiver thread:

Pkt4Ptr IfaceMgr::receive4(uint32_t timeout_sec, uint32_t timeout_usec /* = 0 */) {
    if (receiver_thread_) {
        return (receive4Indirect(timeout_sec, timeout_usec));

    return (receive4Direct(timeout_sec, timeout_usec));

We would also want to add a enable parameter to the dhcp-queue-control.

Edited by Thomas Markwalder

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