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core code that helps with rate limiting

Andrei Pavel requested to merge 562-rate-limiting into master

Part of #562 (closed).

  • b2a960b4 add scoped_lock. Needed to lock multiple mutexes at once. thread
  • 169df5a0 use SubnetID from subnet_id.h in Lease. Extraneous, but can we keep it?
  • 03452520 enable range-based for loops on ClientClasses. The for loop decides if the const or non-const version is called based on the constness of the object that is being iterated.
  • 7e47dc28 template adapters to existing qualified names. Hoping to kickstart the further use of templates for common code between v4 and v6 functionality.
  • 9187be72 mention mark and argument in logger error
  • da1cc865 add an ordered_unique index to ClientClassContainer
  • 6c21b323 document rate limiting
  • 2ee3eaea add ChangeLog entry
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