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Resolve "Refactor NETCONF code after migrating to sysrepo2"

Closes #2601 (closed).

  • 3d0f2198 renames in NETCONF code

    • s_val -> data_node or value
    • SysrepoError -> NetconfError
    • sysrepo_error.h -> netconf_error.h
    • TranslatorBasic::delItem() -> TranslatorBasic::deleteItem()
    • TranslatorBasic::value() -> TranslatorBasic::translate()
  • 3b8f6af5 aliases for service_pair.{first,second}

  • 9745ff39 decode64 and encode64 are now methods in TranslatorBasic



  • 6a86369c remove empty constructors and destructors

  • 83270676 typedef -> using

  • 9134e777 use std smart pointers where possible

  • 272b48f2 renames in NETCONF code

    • subscribeConfig -> subscribeToDataChanges

    And mainly to appease doxygen:

    • translate(DataNode, string) -> translateFromYang(DataNode, string)
    • translate(ElementPtr, LeafBaseType) -> translateToYang(ElementPtr, LeafBaseType)
    • get*(xpath) -> get*FromAbsoluteXpath(xpath)
  • 8c267d3e clean up header includes and makefiles in NETCONF code


  • 0f6cd39f use checkAnd{Get,Set} where possible

  • 3e2fd8cf update the YANG modules with three extra nodes

    • extended-info-checks
    • ignore-rai-link-selection
    • template-test
  • 20a54731 remove std:: prefix from .cc files

  • c7545640 rename TranslatorBasic to Translator

  • 9c9ffcd2 make Translator aware of all leaf base types

    Also add leafrefs and the empty leaf to the keatest-module. And add tests for those, and also unions, dec64, int64, uint64.

  • 7803d398 remove schema node checking from translator

  • 39623a7b add Translator::checkAndSet

  • 97d60fbb remove std:: prefix from .cc files

  • 1d032343 fix doxygen and add override final

  • 0089b933 update YANG developer guide

  • 84311807 fix typos in NETCONF code

  • 007879b1 remove the use of const_pointer_cast in NETCONF code

    If the casted element is mutated after the fact, there may be undefined behavior.

  • 63f6df8b add ChangeLog entry


Edited by Andrei Pavel

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