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implement reservation-update command

Andrei Pavel requested to merge 549-reservation-update-reuse-delete-and-add into master

Closes #549 (closed).

  • 861495ee implement reservation-update

  • c59c2f30 add tests for reservation-update

  • bad6d412 document reservation-update

  • 100a9a5a document the overwrite behavior in the other update commands

  • 99f09b49 not strictly related: fix wrong column count for the options tables

    There's no point in having columns with predetermined values added to a database exchange object. There's an extra column accounted for in these columns called scope_id that always has value 3. This bug has no effect. The extra scope_id is ignored by PgSqlOptionExchange, but in the MySQL counterpart, a bogus value is sent to the MySQL driver which itself seems to ignore it. The effects of this bug becomes visible if you try to add the bind vector, you get an error about not being able to bind the values, because they're one off starting with the scope_id.

  • 656028ec not strictly related: return enum from Element::getType()

    So you don't have to cast it each time it's used.

  • 684e1ed1 not strictly related: better command errors

    The command errors were not very accurate. Some contained technical terms like Element which are not suited for administrators.

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