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Resolve "[ISC-support #22101] Class priority is underdocumented in the ARM"

Part of #2750 (closed).

  • 306eb4cc add makefile rule for ascii umls

    • also adds tkey.atxt and update.atxt sequence diagrams in ASCII art, although not actively used anywhere yet
    • also adds a uml rule to make all targets
  • e1a87223 expand on class priority in the ARM

    • There were two places were priorities were discussed so they were conflated in a single section.
    • The distinction between options on one side and lease lifetimes and DHCPv4 fields on the other side was made with regards to priority between classes.
  • 26840d4c convert KB diagram into ascii

    The atxt are meant to be used in KB.

#huge-sorry because of regenerating SVGs

Edited by Andrei Pavel

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