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Resolve "2.4.0 ARM updates"

Andrei Pavel requested to merge 2969-2-4-0-arm-updates into master

Closes #2969 (closed).

  • 7e1ddb45 fix space in the release version

    This caused code blocks in the ARM to have spaces in filenames that in reality aren't there.


  • f0349d61 revised the quickstart page

    • added link to the cloudsmith tarball page
    • added |cloudsmith_repo| substitution
    • added sphinx-tabs extension
    • changed yum to dnf because with the deprecation of CentOS 7, all remaining supported rpm distributions have dnf by default.
    • changed /path/to/your/kea6/config/file.json to the configuration file installed by default /etc/kea/kea-dhcp6.conf for easier startup
    • regenerated doc/sphinx/src/requirements.txt mainly to include sphinx-tabs
    • added sphinx-tabs to
  • 0f3e5abd update supported-systems list in

  • 2c739cb9 add docker quick start guide

  • f909665b add two missing branch labels to an UML

    • slightly unrelated, but still on the topic of documentation
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