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Resolve "Database initialization if empty db detected."

Closes #3025 (closed).

  • a7df1a2c automatic init of mysql schema

  • 0ea80485 convert db access params to kea-admin

  • 7291a857 automatic init of postgresql schema

  • 60ed62a2 add ability to inherit env in ProcessSpawn

  • 6fdfb492 minor changes to kea-admin

    • Reword 'Database version' to 'Schema version'.
    • Remove a newline that was present only when running mysql operations and not for postgresql operations. It was more visible since now it appeared in the kea logs.
    • Remove some extraneous exits. They weren't in the way of anything, but weren't doing anything either.
  • db869d13 switch io service to DatabaseConnection's

  • 34bad492 add db init on startup to other managers

  • edd0cbe6 add ability to wait sync in ProcessSpawn

  • ad113f14 sync kea-admin in db connection and fix interaction with retry

  • 7229b901 add unit tests

  • ea8fd214 document automatic db init

  • bbb97c46 add ChangeLog entry

Edited by Andrei Pavel

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