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replace sphinx-tabs with list-table

Andrei Pavel requested to merge 2969-update-hammer into master

Closes #2969 (closed).

AMIs have been rebuilt using the current state of this branch or previous versions.

hammer-and-configure works:

pkg works with the exception of two alpines:

I have problems rebuilding Alpine 3.15 with packer. I suggest to fix it after this MR. It's EOL since Nov 1 but we might still need it for 2.4 releases.

Alpine 3.16 has an error that was probably caused by the rebuilding, but doesn't seem related to the changes in this issue. I suggest to fix it after this MR.

There were some problems that were not related to sphinx, but I've worked on them. Hopefully that helps with future AMIs too.

Changes to packer were necessary also. They were pushed to master. They can be observed with git diff 429185c20ab1c812af3754884815c77b67e59677..ad799b6aad5e460a88163a9462eac9fd1ff1caef.

  • edabef73 replace sphinx tabs with list-table

  • 7f97f9ce remove sphinx-tabs from

    • use package managers to install sphinx where possible
    • simplify the logic in some areas
  • 81843f6f log error on systemctl restart

  • cafead21 fix prepare-system in

    • fixes this error:
    $ ./ prepare-system -p local -s fedora -r 36 -w all
      File "", line 3031, in _check_system_revision
        msg = msg % (revision, "', '".join(revs))
    TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, tuple found
    • also marks CentOS, FreeBSD 12, and Alpine 3.15 as unsupported
  • 0deb3df1 fix a logging issue in

    Not all the lines of output were captured when running execute() with capture=True.

  • 82b3ee84 regenerate key to avoid SSL errors in DB

    Prevents this error that happens on Debian 10:

    • SSL error: Unable to get private key from '/etc/mysql/ssl/kea-server.key'
  • aa36f82f fix postgresql dependencies on rhel

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