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Resolve "vivso-suboptions not properly supported in Netconf"

Closes #3198 (closed).

  • 60d98ae6 add data as key for option-data in YANG modules

    Setting mandatory for keys is redundant as mentioned in RFC 7950 section 7.8.2: Any "mandatory" statements in the key leafs are ignored.

    So they were removed. This now makes it consistent with how data is declared in option-data as well.

  • 6d8816b2 make data a key for option-data in code

    • Add ability to set list element that only has keys in Translator::setItem.
    • Explicitly set list elements in case they contain only keys which can be more common now that data is a key since it is likely one can have entries that only have code, space, and data.
    • Handle no data as empty data when setting, and empty data as no data when getting. This avoids the need to add an empty "data" element to all options that lack it in all-options.json so that the unit tests pass. But this goes to show that data-less entries may be encountered in production as well, so more importantly this caters to that scenario.
    • Adjust data in kea4/all-options.json to not contain singlequotes. There was only one occurrence of it. This is a limitation related to unit testing only. Opened issue 3216 about it.
    • Add missing tests that are not strictly related to the data key, but they are related to option data:
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv6.getEmpty
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv4.get
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv6.setEmpty
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv4.set
    • Add unit tests:
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv4.optionsSameCodeAndSpace
      • TranslatorOptionDataListTestv6.optionsSameCodeAndSpace
    • Add snippet that tests setting of list element with keys only in TranslatorTest.setItem.
  • e47615ea bump up revisions for YANG modules

  • c5985b28 ignore errors when regenerating hashes

    The script complains about hashes missing, but that is only temporary until they are regenerated. A second call to will now properly check them at the end.

  • 7c30099d add ChangeLog entry

Edited by Andrei Pavel

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