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Issue #3192 perfdhcp support v4 client behavior

ChrisPortman requested to merge ChrisPortman/kea:support-non-relayed-v4 into master

Perfdhcp for v4 currently behaves like a dhcp relay whereby it unicasts DHCP packets to the server using UDP/67 as its source port.

This change adds a --no-v4-relay flag which has the effect of behaving like an actual client rather than as a relay. I.e.:

  • Uses broadcasts as per standard DHCP client behavior
  • Uses UDP/68 as the source port of DHCP packets

The primary motivation for this was for testing DHCP server functionality and compliance where the server was running on the local host (meaning the server was listening on port 67, so perf dhcp could not use port 67). Additionally, it allows for testing proper interpretation of the giaddr field when populated vs not populated.

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