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Andrei Pavel requested to merge 3210-refactor-libutil-misc into master

Closes #3210.

  • 76d0eeaa add ability to format changed files

  • 7492ac1b properly match header names with regex

  • 2254edc0 refactor file utilities

    • Unify filename.h and file_utilities.h under filesystem.h.
    • Rename Filename class to Path since it more accurately represents it.
    • Make its interface as close as possible to that of std::filesystem::path.
    • Remove unused method expandWithDefault.
    • Rename useAsDefault to replaceExtension since it was only used in the purpose of replacing extension.
    • Unroll the split method in the constructor.
  • 18613aec refactor io utilities

    • Rename util/io_utilities.h to util/io.h to escape redundancy.
    • Create readUint and writeUint templates.
    • Use reverse_copy for potential performance boost.
    • Add missing unit tests.
  • a6169986 refactor string utilities

    • Rename util/strutil.h to util/str.h to escape redundancy.
    • Simplify trim function.
    • Remove unused functions.
    • Get rid of the regex conditional compilation that helped Kea build with ancient compilers. Lack of proper regex functionality now results in failure in
  • 2d205f44 miscellaneous warning fixes in lib/util

    • Wsign-compare
    • Wshadow
    • doxygen warnings
    • fix compilation for src/lib/util/tests/
  • 4a147743 update copyright dates

  • dceee6cd clean up some header includes

  • a71cda1e fix some warnings

  • 6ebc7533 fix different exception message on BSD

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