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CI deploy_demo: push core images to private registry

Andrei Pavel requested to merge ci/deploy-demo into master

Closes #615 (closed).

The error states that it can't push to the private registry. That much I understand.

Why this has started failing recently? That I don't understand.


  • docker login only supports one login at a time.
  • Gitlab deploy tokens are not editable.

That being said, this solution is not perfect, but I welcome any more elegant suggestion. I've spent a sufficient 6 hours on this.

  • Modify core docker-compose.yaml to allow pushing to a custom registry. Keep the current as a default value.
  • Still push core images to the public registry so that they are available to the public.
  • Push core and premium images to the private registry.
    • Because we can't push only the premium images, because it has services that depend_on core services.
    • Because, when deploying, we also can't pull using docker-compose from a single registry for the same reason.
    • Because we also can't push and pull to multiple registries because of the docker login limitation.
    • Because we also can't have the same deploy token on both registries.
  • When deploying, pull from the private registry instead of the public registry, because we want premium too in the demo.
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