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Resolve "enable more checks from golangci-lint"

Michal Nowikowski requested to merge 114-golangci-lint into master

Closes #114 (closed)

Changes include:

  • automatic fixes by golangci-lint
  • added config for golangci-lint in backend/.golangci.yml
  • added arg fix to lint_go take task that enables fixing
  • added ignoring cover check for new func prepareTLC
  • manual fixes for golangci-lint
    • removed all globals
    • added CAClient to avoid httpClient11 global, this involves creating NewStorkAgent function, and replaces client.go
    • reorganized imports, now they are in the following order (separated by empty line): stdlib imports, 3rd pardy packages, our stork packages
    • all acronyms are using capital letters now (eg. URL instead of Url)
    • replaces app types from explicit strings like "kea" to consts like KeaAppType
    • machineToRestApi func does not return error anymore so error handling has been removed
    • split Serve function from restservice.go to reduce its complexity
    • reordered return values so error is always last
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