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remove alpine patch for

Andrei Pavel requested to merge alpine-patches into master

Applying the patch fails because of spurious changes to And the change in the prepare() function in APKBUILD:79 is supposed to achieve the same result, but is outdated. Let's abstain from patching because:

  • It's not reliable. It can fail if someone else changes code around the patched code.
  • It provies little value.
  • This patching might be more doable from Kea's build system so that the error message is shown instead of attempting to import a source file on make install not only after package is created. So if you really want to keep this, let's do it right.
  • It's inconsistent. We did it for Alpine and Debian, but not for RPM. I don't know why Debian is not complaining, but ideally I would remove it from there also.

pkg job failing:

pkg job succeeding with this change (minus the change in alpine/APKBUILD, but I'm sure the latest works too):

Part of kea#2541 (closed)

Edited by Andrei Pavel

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