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Resolve "hammer prepare-system issues"

Andrei Pavel requested to merge 2539-hammer-prepare-system-issues into master

Closes #2539 (closed).

  • d9ae0e00 add --with-randomly to

    • For testing both with and without a feature over time, you might want to enable or disable it non-determinstically for a certain test run. This can be done with the --with-randomly parameter which has a 50% chance of enabling a feature and a 50% chance of disabling it.
  • ed4d81e2 mostly cosmetical changes to

  • 171c4bb8 install dnf on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7

    • Fixes the following error that appeared recently on CentOS 7: Error: Not tolerating missing names on install, stopping.
  • 8f1bfe23 configure RPM distros to look for libraries in /usr/local/lib64

  • e3291ff2 switch from PostgreSQL 14 to the default in RHEL 9

    • There is a lot of code that deals with previously installed versions of PostgreSQL. This is good since it deals with a lot of use cases and allows us to not regenerate images, but it also adds complexity.
  • 67eda5ec remove superfluous ldconfig in alpine

  • f72ce91c use venv or packages instead of virtualenv

    • This is in the detriment of virtualenv which is considered deprecated.
  • 3411375b reinstall pkg to update repositories

    • This way, a pkg-search command will find package versions that can be installed rather than outdated versions. Solves errors like the following: pkg: No packages available to install matching 'py38-sphinx' have been found in the repositories
  • 4844082f delete the default Heimdal krb5-config in FreeBSD

    • This makes it possible for Kea to pick up by default on the krb5-config from the MIT version of Kerberos packages. We can then remove this step from our Jenkinsfiles.
  • 8c32df64 never discard features or prevent their installation

    • At most, incompatible features should log an error and make hammer exit. But there are no incompatible features to my knowledge. This is the commit that fixes the problem in the issue, but most of the others fix issues in disthceck.
  • b3baa5ae warn if there is no Release file

    • It helps with errors that appear on the first time a Debian package is uploaded like: E: The repository kea Release does not have a Release file.. If this gets merged, I would agree to close and the associated MR.

Test run: No hammer errors. The YANG errors are solved in another issue.

Edited by Andrei Pavel

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